Download cheats for Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer game that is released simultaneously on Windows and mobile phones. Simplicity, unusual cooperation between players and exciting space themes quickly made this project incredibly popular.
This is a game for the company, in which players must find a traitor in the ranks of the spaceship team, whose goal is to kill everyone. The traitor also needs to kill as many teammates as possible before it is declassified.
Among Us cheats download
As in other games, Among Us has many cheats and features, such as:
increasing the viewing range, changing the speed of movement, automatically completing all tasks, passing through walls and beyond the map, the ability to see the imposter and hold endless meetings. For those who like to play as traitors, there are separate perks - "permanent imposter", the absence of a kill cooldown and its increased radius, as well as a button to end the game in your favor at any time.
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