CychAU Mini - Among Us Console Cheat

CychAU Mini - Among Us Console Cheat

Hi friends! We publish a new cheat for Among US - CychAU Mini. All the functionality is built on two functions - Shows who the imposter(s) is and Shows who is dead, which will already allow many players to dominate the game rooms of the game Among Us. Briefly, this cheat shows who is an impostor and who is dead. In the future, the developer plans to expand the functionality of this cheat. This cheat works exclusively on the PC version of the game! Download the new cheat for Among Us 2020 for free now!

Installation and launch instructions:
1. Download and unzip the cheat for Among Us
2. Launch and install adguardInstaller
3. Start the injector and select the .dll 
4. Starting the game
5. Everything! The cheat itself is activated and the anti-cheat bypass is activated. All you have to do is select the functions.
We recommend disabling antivirus and windows defender, as the cheat uses a program that is shown as a virus, but it will not harm your computer!

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