Among Us - Teleport / TeleKill / Magnet Player / More

Among Us - Teleport / TeleKill / Magnet Player / More

We present to your attention a good cheat trainer for Among Us, which you can download from our website. A large selection of functions, hack performance, convenient management and much more. Use this cheat yourself and prank your friends with your new abilities. You can become a traitor, see who the traitor is, use teleport, use radar, and much more. Cheat on Among Us time-tested without a ban on your computer. I only use working cheats for among as PC.

  • Impostor Role - This only works if you are the owner of the room
  • See All Impostor - you can see impostors when you start the game
  • No Kill CoolDown - when you are an impostor, you can kill without cooldown
  • Vision Map - removes darkness on the map
  • TeleKill - press the key to teleport to the enemy's position
  • Magnet Player - teleport your enemies to your position
  • Teleport Pos - press F3 to save your position on the map, and F4 to load this saved position
  • Player Speed - specify the speed to move
  • Range Kill - long-distance kills
How to use:
1. Download the hack
2. Launch Among US
3. Inject the cheat into the game with any injector
You can find Injector in the Tools section

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