Free Hack Apex Legends Steam | Aimbot, ESP Players, ESP Item

Free Hack Apex Legends Steam | Aimbot, ESP Players, ESP Item

Today you can download another free and working cheat on Apex Legends Steam, which is available to our users. This is a universal cheat without bugs, bans and crashes of the game. Quick installation and convenient use.

The developer added only the most relevant and necessary functions. For example, there is a very good Aimbot here, thanks to which you will shoot perfectly accurately, but the developer made it smooth and calm, so that you do not get banned for using it.

Additionally, there is the ESPGlow function, which is divided into two functions ESP Players & ESP Item. The function will highlight your enemies and top items through textures, i.e. you will see enemies and various items through the walls on the map.

Follow the instructions and you will succeed! Good luck and great frags!

  1. Start the game, go to the match
  2. Run as admin one of the files you downloaded from our website
  3. The console appears, presses the INTER key
  4. Enter login 666, press the INTER key
  5. The program reports a successful launch
  6. Enjoy!
Select your feature one by one using "1 for yes/0 for no "+hit enter
  • glow --> players glow (!! its a must have , if you dont enable it cheat isnt working) , NO vischeck so you will see alltime red enemy
  • Glow item--> display all stuff on ground with color and shit
  • imbot--> i made soft Aimbot, i tryed to make it like controller aim assist (stronger ofc ), (aimkey is numpad 0 so bind it somewhere)

There are two versions of the hack in the archive, try to run the first file first, if it doesn't work, then run the second one.
Tested on Windows 10, Steam version of the game, everything works fine!
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Comments 19

  1. dwrminOffline7 November 2021 12:55
    i start but my comuter giv me blue screen

  2. dwrminOffline7 November 2021 10:11
     chets dont want work. Some one can help me?

    1. VancedOffline7 November 2021 11:22
      It's outdated
  3. norden21Offline30 June 2021 07:37
    sad to say but i just got banned
    1. VancedOffline30 June 2021 08:46
      It's outdated bro
  4. norden21Offline29 June 2021 18:37
    fuck it says enter a password

    at first i thought it was just a trash  but later i realized that my aim bot was working!! thank you man my FPS dropped into 30 but i love the cheat 

    glow things not working but trust me aim bot is god i play with controller and in my second try i got 4k damage 

    1. HuskyxttvOffline17 November 2021 16:12

  5. BBIIBBIILECHEATEROffline8 June 2021 18:24
    hmmm, aimbot is off ?

  6. naritapeng59Offline5 June 2021 00:00
    none of it works

  7. NyankidoOffline27 May 2021 12:11
    Glow cannot be turned off
  8. Abhay SinghOffline26 May 2021 16:25
    how to open and where is my activate code
    pls tell
  9. jeffuu3213Offline26 May 2021 06:38
    can you fucking change the aimassist to right click

  10. NyankidoOffline24 May 2021 19:15
    Will it not be banned?

  11. luci420Offline18 May 2021 15:51
    aim bot not working
  12. gavyn coheeOffline18 May 2021 01:30
    hold does the aimbot work

    it doesnt tell u if its on like idek if it works

  13. EssBDubOffline17 May 2021 17:07
    you have to open with administrator but yeah it works wish it had strong aimbot but its still good
    1. LohganOffline18 May 2021 05:03
      how do you bind the aimkey
      1. EssBDubOffline18 May 2021 07:27
        i have a model o so i just use the mouse settings to bind the key but the aimbot doesnt work from what i could tell but the esp works fine

        1. Cohen SkocnyOffline18 May 2021 18:23
          do i have to use steam? the glow is really shitty on the origin app