Apex Legends cheat - NoRecoil 2021

Apex Legends cheat - NoRecoil 2021

I want to share with you a great script (cheat) AutoHotkey No-Recoil Macro for the game Apex Legends. With this hack you will be able to shoot quite accurately without the bullet spread. I have already played two seasons using this cheat and have not received a ban, so I guarantee that in the near future you will not be banned for using the free AutoHotkey No-Recoil Macro on the game Apex Legends.

An AutoHotKey script (works on 1080p,2k, 4k) and Python CLI (works on 1080p) to minimize recoil with auto weapon detection for Apex Legends.

How to use:

How to customize resolution?

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  2. ben_pr1Offline8 May 2021 21:57
    how do i inject it into my game?

    it says load library failed

  3. fkrrrrOffline9 April 2021 10:55
    how to notice that they work?
  4. mathis paviotOffline6 April 2021 00:20
    the link mega dont work
    1. VancedOffline7 April 2021 09:18
      Fixed link.
  5. taata7Offline15 January 2021 11:46
    what is the password

    1. adminOffline17 January 2021 08:34
      password - 123