Apex Legends - AutoHotkey No-Recoil Macro

Apex Legends - AutoHotkey No-Recoil Macro

I want to share with you a great script (cheat) AutoHotkey No-Recoil Macro for the game Apex Legends. With this hack you will be able to shoot quite accurately without the bullet spread. I have already played two seasons using this cheat and have not received a ban, so I guarantee that in the near future you will not be banned for using the free AutoHotkey No-Recoil Macro on the game Apex Legends.
  • First download and install autohotkey (used for scripts), Google it, or go here https://www.autohotkey.com/
  • Then download the file I shared and unpack it.
  • If you have a game or origin running, turn it off.
  • Then run apex recoil. ahk as an administrator. The default sensitivity in the game is 5.0, if you are using a different one, edit this file and change it to the one you are using in line 7.
  • Now run Ahkhidder. ahk as an administrator.
  • Now you can continue and start the game (you can run script after starting the game, but it's safer to do it earlier)
  • (The first scenario is intended to give back, and the second is intended to hide it in Windows processes, which prevents them from detecting it)
Script commands:
  • F1: R301
  • F2: R99
  • F3: Spitfire
  • F4: Alternator
  • F5: R45
  • F6: Scout(autofire on)
  • F7: Flatline
  • F8: Hemlock (autofire on / singlefire)
  • F9: Wingman (autofire on)
  • F10: P2020 (autofire on)
  • J: disables selection
  • = : disables scrypt
  • N: in/out autofire
  • 1.2: saves our choice

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  1. ben_pr1Offline8 May 2021 21:57
    how do i inject it into my game?

    it says load library failed

  2. fkrrrrOffline9 April 2021 10:55
    how to notice that they work?
  3. mathis paviotOffline6 April 2021 00:20
    the link mega dont work
    1. VancedOffline7 April 2021 09:18
      Fixed link.
  4. taata7Offline15 January 2021 11:46
    what is the password

    1. adminOffline17 January 2021 08:34
      password - 123