Apex Legends - Farm bot script

Apex Legends - Farm bot script

Script for Apex legends for farming and experience cheat, lvl (game level) and legendary tokens! The bot is completely colorless and automatic, it works using "AI" and searches for something on your screen to see if they match, it only works for a 1080p screen, if you want to change it very easily, just change the size of the screen that you have. The bot plays for you when it dies-it will find a new game and there continue to make small movements and hide from enemies in order to take the highest possible place and get as much experience and level as possible, and therefore legendary tokens per level! A simple python script that plays for you and raises your accounts to level 10. A simple and convenient bot will give you an account in the apex of legends and will allow you to play at a high level with all the open legends without wasting time!

Watch the video to understand how to run it and how it works.
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