Battlefield 4 Hack - HyperHook [ESP / Aimbot]

Battlefield 4 Hack - HyperHook [ESP / Aimbot]

An unsurpassed and powerful cheat for BF4 Battlefield 4, with many very useful features: Aimbot, Wallhack, Esp Line, Box, Radarhack, Triggerbot, Spectator detect, as well as other functions that will greatly simplify the game for you and you will be able to take leading places in the leaderboard. Using this cheat, you will get new features, for example, wallhack and aimbot auto-targeting, and you will experience only positive emotions from the game, because that's why we play games, isn't it? This is a good cheat, it uses the vulnerability of the overlay of the Discord program, which is in demand among gamers and now it will serve cheaters, with the help of it we will run the cheat. And since the discord software and this cheat are free, we do not lose anything and use it completely for free.

How to use:
  1. Launch Discord and enable overlay
  2. Run BF4 and wait for the Discord pop-up information
  3. Verify that the Discord overlay is working correctly by enabling it with a keyboard shortcut
  4. Inject the cheat library into the game process with any injector from the game menu
  5. You can find Injector here
  6. If the watermark appeared in the upper left corner-all set, you can play
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