CSH Jupiter - Rage, Legit, Triggerbot for CS 1.6

CSH Jupiter - Rage, Legit, Triggerbot for CS 1.6

Not every gamer can boast of good skills, but everyone wants to play well. Those who are too lazy to hone their abilities, as well as those who do not have enough time to do so, come to the aid of cheats like this. Is this another auto-target for Counter-Strike? Yes, but not only that. Other software is very limited in capabilities, so you have to download a lot of it, risking bringing viruses to your computer. There are also a lot of features, their full list will be below, and to use them. The cheat works both on the Steam version and on NonSteam, and at the current time it is Undetected.

- Ragebot
- Legitbot
- Triggerbot
- Visuals
- Knifebot
- Bunnyhop
- Misc

1. Download cheat
1.1 unpack wherever you want. (Example: Desktop)
2. Open Counter-Strike (Steam / NonSteam)
2.1 open cool injector.exe
2.2 enter the name of the Counter-Strike process (hl.exe) - Enter
2.3 enter DLL name (hack.dll) - Enter
If CS got a Crash, repeat all steps.

Archive password: 123

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    Thanks for fixing the link, everything works fine. Your site is one of the best among cheat sites, thanks to it I can download working cheats for cs 1.6 for free without viruses.
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