VAC Bypass

VAC Bypass

Previously, you could only dream of taking and disabling the VAC and calmly playing with cheats. But now it's real! With VAC Bypass, you can disable the VAC in steam in just one click and start using cheats, for example, in CS GO.

If you, suddenly, do not know what VAC is: VAC - Valve Anti-Cheat, the purpose of which is to protect multiplayer games from players using cheats and any other software.

How does it work?
Bypass blocks the detection of signature cheats by VAC and thanks to this you can even play on detectable cheats and inject whatever you want without fear of getting a lock.
It does not work on the Overwatch system.

How to use it?
It's simple, you disable the antivirus, download the bypass, extract from the file .rar and run. 
If everything went well you should see such a window, click OK and Steam will turn on automatically:
After that, you normally start the game and inject / run The Cheat On which you want to play without worrying about the VAC blockade
You can reset the game and log in between accounts, you only start bypass once. However, after you restart your computer, you must restart it.

Will it ever become detectable / stop working?
This is not known to anyone, so I do not advise to play with him on accounts that are of great value to you.

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  1. jjjp66621Offline1 May 2021 14:03
    this is fake
    1. VancedOffline1 May 2021 16:21
      No, it works..
      1. BlueLaser23Offline25 February 2022 04:16
        🧢 cap buddy