Indigo - Legit / Visuals / Skins / Inventory / Profile / Misc

Indigo - Legit / Visuals / Skins / Inventory / Profile / Misc

A new powerful free legit cheat for CSGO - Indigo, which has a place for such features: Aimbot, Visuals, Triggerbot, Skinchanger, Profilechanger, Inventorychanger and other features that can be viewed in the screenshot. 
This csgo cheat not only has a lot of cool features, but also has a small handy menu where the functions are conveniently located. In the menu, all functions can be customized and configured as you want, and the cheat can be configured for legit or ridge games, since all the options of this cheat can be customized.
This is a very good cheat for CSGO, which has a lot of features, a cool menu with a lot of settings. With this cheat, you can improve your gaming experience, no matter what features you play with. You can turn on only wallhack and play non-stop, quietly killing enemies and not arousing suspicion, or you can turn on all the features and declare yourself by killing all the enemies in the head and you always wake up first. Because you will kill enemies in whole squads without any effort using this cool cheat!

How to launch?
1. Disable antivirus
2. Download the attachment and unpack it.
3. Download injector from the tools section. (author recommend CSGhost, Trusted Injector or CSH Trusted Injector)
4. Run CS:GO.
5. Run injector as administrator and inject the cheat.
6. Have a nice game 🙂
Configs are written to disk C in the indigo folder.
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