Fake opening of cases in CSGO

Fake opening of cases in CSGO

A great solution for players who want to open an unlimited number of cases, capsules in the game CSGO. With this tool, you can get any case and key completely free of charge and in any quantity. You will also be able to adjust the chance of hitting a rare weapon or even adjust the receipt of a knife. The cheat is very simple and you will not get a ban for it, all the functionality is configured through the menu that opens on the INSERT key.

This tool is perfect for those who shoot videos on YouTube or stream CS:GO, surprise your friends and show off rare items.

Attention! These are visual settings and items will not be displayed in your steam profile, you will only see them in your inventory.

To start, you will need any working injector, the menu as already mentioned opens on the INSERT or INS key.
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  1. hxdthzxrthxdOffline16 June 2021 22:57
    its just a word pad
    is it cuz my windows 10 is cracked windows 10?