PPHUD | RageBot, LegitBot, HVH + Configs

PPHUD | RageBot, LegitBot, HVH + Configs

PPHUD - one of the most popular cheat for CS:GO, which you can download for free and without viruses from our site. Imagine that it exists for more than two years, and during this period it was updated more than a hundred times, so this hack can be considered the safest for today, the author tries to improve it with every update of the cheat. 

  • RageBot used to destroy opponents with the highest accuracy of hitting the body and head.
  • LegitBot a more simplified version is used for safe play, most often at matchmaking events.
  • TriggerBot a very convenient function when shooting with AWP, you just need to click on the button, and the shield will shoot for you.
  • Visuals this function includes WH, ESP, everything to detect the enemy in any part of the map.
  • Skins  change the skins of any weapon, you no longer have to buy skins in the store.
  • Misc

  1. Download the archive and unpack to any folder
  2. Launch and select "Free cheats" in the loader
  3. Select PPHUD Free and click "Launch game"
  4. Done!

Configs (hvh, legit, rage):

CFG Folder: Documents/PPHUD V3/

Edit date: admin - 22-05-2021, 21:55
Reason: Update 22/05/2021

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Comments 13

  1. Porros con lecheOffline13 June 2021 21:50
    COM que tecla se habre?
  2. jan pawełOffline24 May 2021 08:39

    gdzie włozyc zeby miec ustawione hacki ?
  3. AidasOffline19 May 2021 09:48
    update cheats pls
  4. BadlorisOffline24 April 2021 12:42
    Please update the hacks!

    1. VancedOnline24 April 2021 16:19
      We are waiting for an update from the author of this cheat.
  5. loganOffline24 April 2021 06:56
    outdated it says

  6. yanitrikzOffline22 April 2021 17:26
    how to open the menu?

    1. VancedOnline22 April 2021 18:38
      The menu should run together with the cheat.
      Try Insert.
      1. LEGACYBEASTOffline24 April 2021 05:52
        it is not oppening

  7. _Nasento_Offline22 April 2021 02:35
    no virus sure ? 
    1. VancedOnline22 April 2021 18:37
      Viruses may exist, but they do not harm the computer. They are necessary for the cheat to work correctly.
  8. GwendalOffline16 April 2021 23:37
    what is pass word?

    1. VancedOnline17 April 2021 09:15