PPHUD | RageBot, LegitBot, HVH + Configs

PPHUD | RageBot, LegitBot, HVH + Configs

PPHUD - one of the most popular cheat for CS:GO, which you can download for free and without viruses from our site. Imagine that it exists for more than two years, and during this period it was updated more than a hundred times, so this hack can be considered the safest for today, the author tries to improve it with every update of the cheat. 

  • RageBot used to destroy opponents with the highest accuracy of hitting the body and head.
  • LegitBot a more simplified version is used for safe play, most often at matchmaking events.
  • TriggerBot a very convenient function when shooting with AWP, you just need to click on the button, and the shield will shoot for you.
  • Visuals this function includes WH, ESP, everything to detect the enemy in any part of the map.
  • Skins  change the skins of any weapon, you no longer have to buy skins in the store.
  • Misc

  1. Download the archive and unpack the contents to any folder
  2. Launch and select what you need in the loader
  3. Done!

Configs (hvh, legit, rage):

CFG Folder: Documents/PPHUD V3/

Update from 03/08/2021:
- Added Bullet beams
- Added Force resolver
- Added Hitbox lock (Legitbot)
- Added Misses logs
- Added Bruteforce to Resolver
- Added Auto-revolver
- Added songs to loder
- Improved Prediction
- Improved Bullet impacts
- Improved Resolver
- Fixed Hide shots
- Fixed a bug with Backtrack chams
- Fixed friezes and crashes of the game
- Now Filled box can work without turning on the Box
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Comments 13

  1. Porros con lecheOffline13 June 2021 21:50
    COM que tecla se habre?
  2. jan pawełOffline24 May 2021 08:39

    gdzie włozyc zeby miec ustawione hacki ?
  3. AidasOffline19 May 2021 09:48
    update cheats pls
  4. BadlorisOffline24 April 2021 12:42
    Please update the hacks!

    1. VancedOffline24 April 2021 16:19
      We are waiting for an update from the author of this cheat.
  5. loganOffline24 April 2021 06:56
    outdated it says

  6. yanitrikzOffline22 April 2021 17:26
    how to open the menu?

    1. VancedOffline22 April 2021 18:38
      The menu should run together with the cheat.
      Try Insert.
      1. LEGACYBEASTOffline24 April 2021 05:52
        it is not oppening

  7. _Nasento_Offline22 April 2021 02:35
    no virus sure ? 
    1. VancedOffline22 April 2021 18:37
      Viruses may exist, but they do not harm the computer. They are necessary for the cheat to work correctly.
  8. GwendalOffline16 April 2021 23:37
    what is pass word?

    1. VancedOffline17 April 2021 09:15