sensum - legit csgo cheat

sensum - legit csgo cheat

Interesting free invisible cheat on CSGO sensum. A well-known developer shared his hack so that you can play better with the hack. This is a universal legit cheat on CSGO with great functionality and a convenient menu. All functions are controlled and configured via the menu, which you can call directly during the game. The features here are standard for legit hack, but in demand. There are settings for visual effects (esp, wallhack, chams), there is a working aimbot, a working skinchanger for selecting any skin, as well as settings for the player and saving/loading ready-made configs.

Launch instructions:
1. Download the archive from our site
2. Archive the files to a single folder
3. Download any injector from our site (I recommend CSGhost)
4. Launch CSGO
4. Launch the injector and inject our hack into the CSGO game
5. in the game, press the INS key to open the menu and configure the cheat for yourself
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