Super Simple External Glow

Super Simple External Glow

The latest ESP cheat for CS:GO - 06/12/2020, which at the moment is fully operational, so it will not let you down on any server. Its feature is the ability to show player models through any obstacles in the form of textures on the map. All models have a special glow that makes them more visible in all conditions.

This ESP is for CS:GO is paintless, since IT doesn't have a huge set of additional unnecessary functions, but only shows players through walls. If you do not burn and do not make frequent shots, pointing exactly at the player, then you can feel safe for a long time.

1. Disable antivirus and defender
2. Download cheat
3. Launch CS:GO
4. Run cheat as Administrator
Archive password: 123

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Reason: update 06/12/2020

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  1. AndreasVR2Offline18 December 2020 17:26
    it doesnt work when i dowload it. pls help