Anxious - Legit / Visuals

Anxious - Legit / Visuals

Anxious is a popular cheat that has been updated for a very long time, is very easy to use, and has only the most necessary features for playing on matchmaking. The cheat is made by the developer misiek for which he is a special thank you, also on our website there is a simplified version of this cheat.
The cheat works and it is free, you can easily download it from our website. The functionality here is the most standard, but all the functions have been tested, and the probability that any of the functions do not work is extremely small.
You don't need to use injectors for the cheat to work.

[F5] - Glowhack
[F6] - Radarhack
[F7] - Triggerbot
[F8] - Bunnyhop
[F9] - NoFlash
[F10] - Chams


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