DeX External MultiHack

DeX External MultiHack

Dex External multihack - new cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which bypasses the Steam anti-cheat VAC. This cheat is updated very often, so the chances of getting banned are reduced to zero, use it 24 hours after the update. Together with it, you can easily win any match, duel, and so on. The cheat has only the necessary functions that will help you to be unnoticed or become a butcher on the server. The DeX External MultiHack includes - GlowESP, TriggerBot, BunnyHop, Radarhack, recoil control, anti-flash and many other useful things.

To enable or disable functions, use the keys:
[F1] Glow
[F2] Radarhack
[F3] Triggerbot
[F4] Bunnyhop
[F5] NoFlash
[F7] Chams 
[INS] Rank Reveal
[DEL] - Panic Key


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