Fortnite Anti AFK - Save the World

Fortnite Anti AFK - Save the World

Often during a game of fortnite, you need to leave for a couple of minutes, but the game system automatically kicks you if you are inactive for a while. We present you a great solution for this, the anti AFK script for Fortnite. The script makes sure that the space bar is pressed every 2 seconds during the game and thus will not throw you out of the session. There are even cases when AFK players win the battle Royale, so Anti AFK will definitely not hurt you.

How to use it?
1. Download the archive and unpack it.
2. Enable Fortnite and then the script: 
After unpacking the ZIP, run the * .ahk file (with administrator rights)
When we press the "P" button, our character will automatically jump every two minutes.

You'll need it:
AutoHotkey  - without this, the script will not work.

Archive password: 123
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