Forza Horizon 5 savegame - a lot of wheelspins & skill points

Forza Horizon 5 savegame - a lot of wheelspins & skill points

On this page you can download saves for Forza Horizon 5, a game released by Playground Games in November 2021. Saves are usually used in order to get the opportunity to look at all the content in the game, without spending a lot of your time on personal passage. Or if during the passage there was some problem or bug that does not allow you to pass this or that moment.

Saving at the beginning of the game for the version from EMPRESS (steam or microsoft users go your way). The maximum level. Statistics are not spoiled by wilspins and talent points, I think there will be enough. I didn't wind up the money, you can get it from wilspins)

How do:
  1. Download file
  2. Open file with 7zip or WinRar and open the EMPRESS folder
  3. With the Windows file manager open the folder: C:\Users\Public\Public documents\EMPRESS and slide the 1551360 file into it
  4. Confirm overwriting of 16 files (if you don't have a confirmation notification, there is a problem)
  5. Close all windows and start your game

Forza Horizon 5 - simulator, racing, adventure from Playground Games. Sitting behind the wheel of the greatest cars in the history of mankind, we will make the most exciting races through the incredibly beautiful and original world of Mexico. Here we will encounter amazing natural phenomena of the country: tropical downpours and dust storms. Along with the change of seasons, the world of the game is transformed every week. With the help of the new powerful EventLab editor, we will be able to create our own races, tests, stunts. Customize the appearance of your car in a new way: raise or lower the roof, paint the brake pads in the color you like, and much more.
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