Genshin Impact 2.1 [Free Teleport Hack]

Genshin Impact 2.1 [Free Teleport Hack]

A practical and simple hack for Genshin Impact, which can be downloaded for free. In this one hack, there is currently only one function teleport. But this is not a simple teleport, it is multifunctional, with which you can teleport both short distances and long distances. What makes this cheat a universal weapon and significantly saves your time and expands the functionality of the game. Well, since the cheat is made in the form of exe files, you can easily use it, without any problems.

How to use:
  1. Start the game and wait for the full download
  2. Open Process Hacker (as administrator)-> double-click on the process -> Handles -> Find "mhyprot2" -> Close.
  3. Download and unpack the archive, run the cheat "LittleTeleport.exe" as an administrator!
  4. Select location.
  5. Press "Enter".
  6. Open the map.
  7. Select the random point for teleportation and teleport.
  8. After this cheat will spoof ur cords, while teleporting by game.
Watch the video to better understand how the cheat works.

1) "Arrow Up & Down" - for selecting file with location.
2) "Enter" - for "charging" teleport.
3) "F6" - for showing ur real position (used for creating ur locations).
4) "F7" - for disabling holding (use it after then textures is loaded, otherwise u may fall under map).

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