GTA V PC Online 1.54 Mod Menu - Khamelion CE Money

GTA V PC Online 1.54 Mod Menu - Khamelion CE Money

GTA V is one of the most famous and popular games at the moment. Even the latest games (for example, cyberpunk) can not compete with GTA, which we all love since childhood. If you are looking for a new cheat for GTA 5, then you have come to the right place.

Khamelion CE Money — is a cheat mod that will go to all fans of forbidden software. It has a really nice menu with lots of features and works with the latest version of the game.

  1. Buy vehicle Khamelion (100k - Legendary Motorsports)
  2. Go to LSC and start The Cheat Engine
  3. Set the process on GTA V
  4. Buy armor for Level 2
  5. Select all (Ctrl+A) and mark the first value to Active
  6. Change 66000 to the amount you want to get (max 300,000,000 otherwise you can get banned) and sell the vehicle
  7. Enjoy millions!

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Comments 6

  1. titmanOffline27 October 2021 21:15
    this is my frist time trying hacks i dont know what to boot it up in it wont let me boot it up in file explorer
  2. Markero_1806Offline13 June 2021 18:02
    Qué es eso de LSC??
  3. FullyxFendiOffline4 May 2021 19:31
    Does not work.
    All values are not found and can not be edited.
    1. VancedOffline4 May 2021 23:19
      You're doing something wrong. For others, it works.
    2. chinzo1628Offline9 May 2021 07:02
      you doing wrong bro mine worked
    3. jojo bananaOffline21 June 2021 06:11
      mine no work