GTA V Online Kiddion's Modest External Menu v1.57

GTA V Online Kiddion's Modest External Menu v1.57

Download the most popular cheat Kiddion's Modest External Menu for GTA V Online for free from our website. This cheat is the best among the best, it is used by millions of players and no one has ever received a ban for using it (if you use a minimum of features, you will be safe). Many different functions, from getting all the weapons, any cars, teleport and to cheat money in GTA V Online legal method, but with the help of a hack Kiddion's Modest External Menu. In General, download this software and test it yourself, and I will additionally tell you about the legal ways to cheat money in GTA V Online using the cheat mod menu Kiddion's Modest External Menu. 

How to get money using Kiddion's Modest External Menu in GTA V Online?

Via Diamond casino:
(At your discretion) Go to a SINGLE (non-public) session and then follow these steps
(At your discretion) Enable the "Increase Daily Limit" function (the Limit will be increased to about 50 million (the Developer does not give an exact figure.))
We go to the casino, look for the "Deity of the Sun" slot machine and sit down at it
In the menu, go to the following items: "Online Services" - > "Casino Services" - > "Rig Slot Machines" and activate
We begin to spin the following strategy: the first time we put 2 thousand chips, the next 2 times we put 2.5 thousand chips (so you will get 7 million, instead of the maximum 5)
We leave or withdraw money.

Through the bunker
(At your discretion) Go to a SINGLE (non-public) session and activate the function "Online Services" - > "Enable SecuroServ/MC", then follow these steps
Entering the bunker
In the menu, go to the following items: "Online Services" - > " Bunker Settings"
(IF there are no WEAPONS for SALE) Activate the "Trigger Production" function (there Must be raw materials in stock, if not, then activate the "Remove Bunker Supply Delay" function and purchase)
Starting a mission to sell weapons
We answer the call of agent 14, wait until he speaks 1-2 replicas, finish the call (If you do not answer the call, you will get a lock of the game)
Select the required amount of money in the "Set Bunker Delivery" item and activate it. (Currently, the limit is 2.5 million)
We are happy, we repeat as much as we want (it is Recommended to get no more than 30 million a day in this way, further at your own risk)


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  1. Michel387Offline31 May 2023 19:47
    i love clem external it is very functional ClemExternal (2023) For CS:GO  😀
  2. Le_beast__Offline28 November 2021 19:48
    how to run?
    pls help
  3. BlueLaser23Offline27 September 2021 02:25
    at least tell us how to open the menu whats the key?

  4. uvm_destroyerOffline13 August 2021 21:55