CSJector - injector for CS:GO hacks

CSJector - injector for CS:GO hacks

The injector is a special program designed to inject various dll files into the game. There are cheats developed in the form of dll libraries without executable files. You use Injectors only at your own risk, as the online game security system can easily identify the attacker, and then you will be blocked by the project administration.

This injector will be constantly updated, so visit this page more often.

- it only works on the csgo.exe (proces cs:go) 

How to use:
1. Throw in the injector and .the DLL hack to the same folder.
2. Change the name .dll cheat for "csgocheat.dll'.
3. Run CS:GO.
4. Open injector (as administrator).
5. Back to CS, the cheat should be fired.
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  1. Agus wahyudiOffline23 August 2021 09:45
    I can't download this apl
  2. Chocolate Ice Cream ChillyOffline11 April 2021 03:30
    what is key for file
    1. VancedOffline11 April 2021 09:33