KAMI Blue - CheatClient for Minecraft

KAMI Blue - CheatClient for Minecraft

Cheat KAMI Blue is a mod collection of cheats for version 1.12.2, it contains 160+ useful features, some allow you to get an advantage on the servers, and some will just be useful in a normal game.

Like many other cheat mods or cheat client, this one contains a menu that has many features, functions are very flexible and you can customize each one for yourself, bind a key, change the color, display on the game screen, and much more.

The cheat menu opens with the Y key

All functions are grouped, each group can be moved to a different location, change its color, make it visible during the game. A left-click on a function activates it, and a right-click opens its settings.

How to use:
Install Forge or Fabric
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download the mod and copy it to the folder .minecraft/mods
In the launcher, launch the version of the game with Forge or Fabric
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