Cheat Aim Plus for Minecraft 1.17.1

Cheat Aim Plus for Minecraft 1.17.1

Mod Aim Plus - is a cheat mod for Minecraft 1.17.1, which makes it possible to automatically aim at mobs, monsters or players, as well as completely automatically fire at these targets. According to the assurances of the creators, the mod is not a cheat for taking advantage of servers, but for the purpose of supporting beginners, or for the purpose of people with narrow capabilities.

Directly according to itself, the mod has a fairly large number of settings, however, as long as it does not function perfectly, but in this way it also has significant disadvantages, and also still loses such a function in well-known cheats. The main disadvantage is the absence of an arrow falling at the maximum distance, that is, the modification does not aim higher than the target in any way and while it does not take this into account in any way, perhaps the creator will add this list of possibilities in the near future.

The mod has a large number of options, it makes it possible to determine the target for auto-aiming, it can be mobs, monsters, players, you can also form a "white sheet" for mobs or players, it is on them that the purpose of the auto sight will act.

Keyboard shortcuts
F8 - enable/disable the cheat.
F9 - enable/disable auto attack. (RMB)
F10 - mod settings.

How to use?
  1. Install Fabric
  2. Install the Fabric API
  3. Install FlytreLib
  4. Install all additional mods if specified.
  5. Download the mod and copy it to .minecraft/mods
  6. In the launcher, launch the version of the game with the factory.
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