Cheat Brightness for Minecraft - Fullbright

Cheat Brightness for Minecraft - Fullbright

Fullbright mod - activation of cheat brightness, night vision. A simple cheat mod that allows you to activate the maximum brightness of the game by pressing one key, visually the effect is very similar to the effect of a night vision potion. You will be able to see in the dark. The cheat will give a tangible advantage on servers where there are no anti-cheats or checks for additionally installed mods. After all, now you can see in the dark as in the daytime, and you don't need to create potions.

As standard, the activation of the mod: G
Сonfigured in the control settings.

How to install:
  1. Install Forge
  2. Install all additional mods if specified.
  3. Download the mod and copy it to .minecraft/mods
  4. In the launcher, launch the version of the game with forge.
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