Cheat for Minecraft - Cat eyes [1.17.1]

Cheat for Minecraft - Cat eyes [1.17.1]

Cat eyes is a cheat mod with the function of night vision and dynamic lighting on the client side with the binding of the shortcut key 'v' (configured in the section "Settings" > "Management" > "Different"). The cheat works on all Minecraft servers and in a single game, it is also compatible with shaders and Optifine.

Cheat Cat eye are Undetected on online servers and bypass absolutely all anti-cheats for tracking and catching cheaters, because they use night vision potion effect codes. And yet, it is impossible to guarantee 100% impunity of the game with these cheats, since server administrators can use unconventional methods, for example, vanish, which allows you to follow a suspicious player unnoticed.

How to install Cat eyes:
  1. Install Fabric ModLoader and Fabric API
  2. Download the cheat from
  3. Press the Win+R keys, insert %appdata%\.minecraft\mods and click OK
  4. Without unpacking, move the downloaded file to the mods folder window that opens
  5. Launch the game and play!
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