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The world-famous Amazon company has decided to re-enter the video game industry. Welcome to the New World - a revolutionary MMO RPG from Amazon, in which you determine the fate of the world and its future. Caught in a shipwreck on the mysterious continent of Aeternum, you have to go to explore the beautiful and, at the same time, incredibly dangerous surroundings of the island in search of answers to many questions. Thanks to the classless pumping system, you can create a truly unique and original hero in New World, whose set of abilities depends solely on your choice, and not on the conventions and limitations of the chosen role.
New World cheats download
Do you want to shoot monsters with a musket and at the same time pour fire on them? Why not, because this game presents an amazingly wide arsenal of various abilities and weapons - from the usual swords and bows to more outlandish gizmos.

And, of course, it's worth buying New World in order to touch a new generation multiplayer role-playing game with friends, which not only develops the ideas laid down by its predecessors, but also offers a completely unique approach to the genre.
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