New World Fishing Bot - Free hack for New World

New World Fishing Bot - Free hack for New World

Fishing in New World is an incredibly useful skill that will come in handy not only in Cooking and Alchemy, but also often on Bulletin Boards. Every day, in every city, on every server, there is a demand for fishing skills.

A new working Fishing Bot for New World. With this bot for fishing in the New World, you can go to bed and wake up to see a completely clogged inventory. A bot for car fishing, will make it easier for you to farm currency and make your pockets in the New World game always full of gold.

Where to go fishing?
You can fish almost anywhere where there is water, but location decides everything! There are two types of water: salty (ocean and swamps) and fresh (rivers and lakes). You will be able to get different fish from each type of water. The assortment of fresh and salt water fish is different for each region.
It is most effective to fish in holes / hot spots (small halos of rings on the water with fish splashing in them).


v2 of Sleeping Fisherman is focused on making it customizable and working for any resolution. However, 4k would be pretty slow in detecting images, as it has to search 4 times more pixels than on 1920x1080 for example.

It comes with default Settings for 1920x1080 FullHD FULLSCREEN pre configured. Also has a Image/Color Preset for 2560x1440 WQHD FULLSCREEN(You still have to set the Areas on WQHD).

For other Resolutions, or if you run into problems with image/color detection, you can edit the images, colors & areas. Images by either picking them from the game window, or by loading an image from your disk. Colors with a built in colorpicker, or by entering a colorcode + matchsize. Areas, you spawn(they will spawn at your mouse location when entering the Area Mode with F8 after clicking the start button in the edit window), drag them where you want them, resize them & save them.

It currently does not allow automatic bait equip! (but i think about adding it if v2 will work well)

If your raw Video Data causes to make the game look different than with ALL default (Contrast/Brightness/etc.) INGAME & in Windows/AMD/Nvidia Settings, you would also need to either make all default, or capture/pick your own images/colors.

  • Set Cast-Power
  • Set Repair after X Runs [optional]
  • Anti Anti-AFK [optional]
  • High Tension Mode [optional]
  • Stop Bot when encumbered [optional]
  • Edit Tolerances for Image/Color detections
  • Customize Images/Colors/Areas [Areas: Fishing, FishingDone, Repair, Encumbered] [Images: Casted, Hooked, FishingDone] [Colors: Reel-Stop, Reel-In, Encumbered]
  • Save/Reload/Reset Settings
  • Set Free Look Key to either Left-ALT or B (you also need to set it ingame for sure)
  • Save/Load Game Window Location & option to move it to "0, 0"
  • Randomized offset Click-Location for Repair
  • Randomized Cast-Power offset
  • Randomized Delays

How to use:

  1. Simply install it, run it after installation.
  2. Ingame, hold the Fishing Rod, align the bounds, and hit F5 to begin fishing
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