Hyper Scape Cheat - Color Aimbot

Hyper Scape Cheat - Color Aimbot

Hyper Scape is a shareware action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter in the "Battle Royale" genre in the style of PUBG, in which up to 100 players can take part on one map. The game takes place in a megalopolis of the future called Neo-Arcadia. There you will find intense shootouts and chases in the most unpredictable directions. Play alone or as a team in Hyper Scape, fight on the streets or on rooftops, get unique weapons and incredible hacks, and develop your own style of play. Manage to leave the sectors before they are destroyed. Adapt to unexpected changes in the game conditions. Survive on the battlefield the longest or get the Crown to win.

As in other games, Hyper Scape is not complete without cheats. Thanks to the developer under the nickname A2Mods, we get a free hack on Hyper Scape, which is not visible to the anti-cheat of the game and does not contain any viruses.
This is a simple ahk script that reacts to the red color, and shoots it like a well-known Aimbot function.

  • For the script to work, you need to download and install AutoHotkey
  • The game must be running in windowed mode
  • You have to put the colorblind mode to deuteranopia, make sure to not have the in-game crosshair red.
  • Sometimes the cheat won't work based on your anti-aliasing settings, so test the hack in training to see which anti-aliasing settings are best for you based on accuracy.
  • Cheat works by holding right-click (the aim interface shouldn't be the color red)
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  1. Red-mil55Offline15 June 2021 17:35
    The best hack on Hyper Scape. Thanks to the author for the release, I have been using this cheat for a couple of days now and everything works fine without a ban.