The Best Hack Muck Steam Free 100%

The Best Hack Muck Steam Free 100%

I am glad to present to your attention another working cheat for the new game Muck which is available for free on our website. This is the official cheat from the developer IAmWolfie. The multi-functional hack will give you more game features in the game unlike other players, for example, you will be able to activate the God mode where you will have all the administrator rights. There is a mode of infinite endurance, infinite ammunition and much more.

Muck is a free action adventure game with bagel elements and a first-person view in a fantasy setting. The hero finds himself on an island, where he needs to collect resources, craft weapons, armor and tools. You also need to build a base, and it is desirable to have time before dark. And then you have to survive the night. The game has a procedural generation of the island, which is why the game is similar to the popular Minecraft.


  • God mode
  • Infinite stamina
  • Infinite food
  • Item and powerup spawner
  • Destroy all trees
  • Destroy all rocks
  • Destroy all resources
  • Destroy all chests
  • Kill all mobs
  • Activate all shrines
  • Open all chests
How to use
  1. Use SharpMonoInjector
  2. Open it, select Muck and the cheat DLL.
  3. Namespace is MuckInternal, class name is Loader, method name is Init
  4. You must be in game for the items to show in the item spawner
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