Dead Frontier 2 Hack - Zombies don't attack / Double critical hit

Dead Frontier 2 Hack - Zombies don't attack / Double critical hit

A simple but very useful cheat for Dead Frontier 2, it has only two functions: zombies are frozen and do not attack and a double critical hit on zombies. Which greatly simplifies your life, because you can easily and simply pump up, killing stupid zombies and not getting any damage. What will favorably affect your game, so that you can get to the main boss and cut the jackpot big. This cheat is easy to install, it is enough to replace one file in the folder with the game and after starting the game you get opportunities that are hidden from the eyes of ordinary users, because they do not have this hack. Although there are few options in this software, but they really work and help you survive in this game!

  1. In the game settings, set the window mode or windowless mode.
  2. Download and unzip the archive, copy the file "Assembly-CSharp.dll" to the game folder: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Dead Frontier 2\DeadFrontier2_Data\Managed
  3. Start the game and have fun. The functions are turned on automatically!
  4. Recommend playing in a closed lobby!
  5. If there are problems after the injection, disable vertical synchronization.
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  1. Robbe HullaertOffline12 July 2022 09:17
    i cant see the download button

  2. qq1336101719Offline25 August 2021 08:57
    The game update is no longer available
    1. VancedOffline25 August 2021 18:01
      Cheat updated