Ghost Hunter's Corp Cheat [ESP, Money Hack, Kill Ghost]

Ghost Hunter's Corp Cheat [ESP, Money Hack, Kill Ghost]

A very good free cheat for Ghost Hunter's Corp, it has many useful features: ESP, Money Hack, Kill Ghost, Add 1k XP, Add All Equipment, and a few more additional features. But the main function of this hack is a ESP, which draws a line on the floor and shows the way to the ghost, so that you can find it or avoid it. Which greatly simplifies your life and makes your gameplay much easier, because you'll know where the ghost is at the moment. Also in this cheat there are functions for getting money and experience, they will help you to pump from the start. This is a very good cheat that makes it easier to play with.

How to use?
  1. In the game settings, set the window mode or windowless mode.
  2. Download and unpack the archive, copy the contents of the "Game" folder to the folder with the game!
  3. Unpack the archive "Vanilla Libs.rar" and copy all the files to the folder "Ghost Hunters Corp_Data\Managed"
  4. Start the game and have fun!
  5. If there are problems after the injection, disable vertical synchronization.
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Comments 2

  1. GonzoOffline15 August 2021 15:20
    The game does not want to start
    1. jacobichinagaOffline15 August 2021 21:19
      you need to copy paste everything in the folder onto the root game folder
      thencopy paste everything inside harmony folder onto the managed folder of the game, then it will work