Dota 2 Hack - Visible by Enemy Overlay

Dota 2 Hack - Visible by Enemy Overlay

A new, useful cheat for Dota 2, with which you will know whether your opponents are seeing you at the moment. This cheat is useful for invisible heroes to know if they see you.. It will also be useful to find out if the enemy wards are worth it. This cheat works in such a way that when the inscription "Not Visible" lights up, it means that the enemy does not see you. And when the inscription "Visible" appears, it means that the enemy sees you. For example, there is a ward nearby or the enemy is under invisibility!

How to use?
  1. Download the cheat and unpack all the files into one folder.
  2. Next, start the game and go into battle, so that you can control the character, as in the screenshot.
  3. Now you need to start the cheat, after starting the cheat, go back to the game and you can play!
  • Click INSERT to move the text overlay to the cursor position.
  • Click PageUp or PageDown to change the font size.
  • Click Delete to close the cheat.

Have a good game, I hope this software will help you!
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