Metr.CC - Cheat for Rust (No Recoil)

Metr.CC - Cheat for Rust (No Recoil)

We present to you a free cheat for Rust, which is equipped with the Norecoil function, which allows you to shoot without recoil and this cheat is made in the form of a script. Which means that it does not need to be injected and you can not be afraid that you will be banned, because this cheat does not interact with the game in any way. This cheat on rast really reduces the recoil and spread to 0 and thus allows you to shoot at the target with a probability of 100%. The cheat is easy to run, because it is made in the form of an exe file and of course it is also easy to configure.

This is a really great cheat, since it is equipped with one of the important functions, without recoil and scatter, which favorably affects your shooting from weapons. And the easy launch and simple configuration of functions make this cheat on rast an excellent solution that any player could use it, even if you have never used a cheat before. As you have already understood, this cheat is very good and convenient in all respects. It is also worth saying that the entire list of functions is available in the external window of the cheat, after its launch, the functions are laid out on the shelves. It is enough to select a function, click on the button that is attached to the function and it will immediately start acting. I highly recommend trying out this top cheat, although it only has the ability to shoot without recoil and hit the target directly.

How to use?

  1. Download METR.CC.exe
  2. Turn off your antivirus and Defender
  3. Start the METR.CC.exe as administrator
  4. Run Rust Game
  5. Enjoy.

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