Free working hack for Phasmophobia (ESP Ghost, Speedhack)

Free working hack for Phasmophobia (ESP Ghost, Speedhack)

Phasmophobia is a cooperative horror game in which you, along with three comrades or random acquaintances, hunt for evidence of the existence of ghosts. Your task is not to catch or destroy a ghost, but simply to collect evidence of its existence and determine the type. And the more evidence there is, the more money you will be paid. And for maximum immersion in this atmospheric title, we recommend using VR equipment.

A new good free cheat for Phasmophobia, which contains the functions: Ghost, Player, Bone, Ouija ESP, Infos about Ghost, Ghost Activity Monitor, Speedhack (Tickbased, not playerbased), Mission Completer, Custom Crosshair, Ghost Warning, No Stamina. With the help of a set of these functions, you will see ghosts and players through the walls, you will also be able to run fast with Speedhack and complete the mission with the Mission Completer function. This is a very useful cheat for the successful completion of the rink and, of course, for trolling players who were lucky enough to get to your party.

  • Download and unpack the archive, make a cheat injection "Phasmophobia.dll" using any injector
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