Sea of Thieves Hack FOV Changer

Sea of Thieves Hack FOV Changer

I post a simple free cheat for Sea of Thieves, which performs a single function, it increases the range of vision, or rather FOV. So that you can see much more details without having a widescreen monitor. This will have a positive impact on your gameplay and will help you always be aware of events, no matter what you do during the game. In the screenshots, in this topic, you can see the work of this software, even though the FOV is twisted to the maximum, but you can expand the boundaries of your vision as you want, to the optimal value for you. After all, this hack allows you to do this using keyboard shortcuts!

How to use:
  1. Turn on the game and set the FOV in the game settings to 90
  2. Download the attachment and unpack the archive
  3. Enable the application as administrator
  4. Press the 'Insert' button to open the menu

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