Cheat SilverJet for Phasmophobia

Cheat SilverJet for Phasmophobia

Why do people watch horror movies? Because they frighten, delivering emotions to players that other genres of cinema cannot provide. Even though most horror movies are cliched and similar to each other, they still attract viewers.

Kinetic Games studio decided to embody all the famous movie cliches in the world of horror films, which released its game Phasmophobia in early access on September 18, 2020. The project quickly gained popularity and has 97% positive reviews on Steam. IQGamm portal decided to understand the sudden popularity of the project.

Phasmophobia cheat called SilverJet is one of the most popular and updated cheats and besides, it is completely free. This cheat will offer several useful features that will facilitate the gameplay. We, in turn, continue to share new cheats on the popular Phasmophobia game. The cheat is suitable for both the pirated version of the game and the license and is a regular DLL cheat that needs to be injected.

  • ESP Fusebox / Bone / Ouija Board / EMF / Ghost
  • Mission Completer
  • Phrase Recognizer
  • Adjustable Flashlight
  • Ghost Activity Graph
  • Basic / Extra Information of the ghost
How to use:
  1. Download any Injector
  2. Run Phasmophobia
  3. Select the cheat .dll and enter it into the game process
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