Crab Game Free Cheat 2021

Crab Game Free Cheat 2021

Crab Game is a multiplayer battle royale with a first-person view, based on the super-popular TV series "The Squid Game". Several dozen victims of unsuccessful lending go through a long obstacle course, trying to avoid deadly traps and set up all their competitors. Mini-games here are diverse: starting from a banal climb on a hill and ending with fights with bats.

35 players take part in the test, on 28 maps and in 9 modes, with special emphasis on antisocial behavior and various unethical acts. Of the classic elements, one can only single out the "King of the Mountain", where all the players try to throw off the only lucky person holding the point from the hill. Unfortunately, there is no anti-cheat in the game, and the gameplay suffers from hackers.

Cheat developers have already released a new hack for this game, with many features that will definitely help you.

  • Jump in air [space]
  • Fly [r]
  • No push
  • No punch cooldown
  • God mode
  • Teleport [t]
  • Push yourself [x]
  • Speedhack
How to get it to work:
  1. Install Melonloader from their website
  2. Download Proton for Crab Game
  3. Extract the .rar file
  4. Replace Il2CppAssemblyGenerator.dll in .\Crab Game\Melonloader\Dependencies\Il2CppAssemblyGenerator with the one in the .rar file
  5. Move proton_mono.dll into .\Crab Game\Mods
  6. Start the game and click Insert to open the menu
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  1. talerexxOffline7 November 2021 08:43
    Wouldn't load for me