Outriders - Free Trainer +24 v0.1.0.0 Demo

Outriders - Free Trainer +24 v0.1.0.0 Demo

Trainers - is a program that is turned on independently from the main game and it works resident, that is, it is located in the computer's memory and waits for the "hot" keys to be pressed for its work. Trainers at the same time change the data in the computer's memory, thereby leading us to the desired result - an increase in the amount of life, immortality, ammunition, and so on.

Due to the fact that the trainer looks for keystrokes, some antivirus programs take trainers for viruses, if you have full confidence in the source of this program,then you need to disable the antivirus first.

Modern to date, what is a trainer and what it is needed is usually run as a separate program (before the game starts) and in its terms use only one addition sign, ( + ) and the number of options after it. And in addition, today's trainers work with game RAM, not its executable file, because writing changes to the executable file is complicated by copy protection systems.

Numpad 1 - God Mode
Numpad 2 - Infinite Health
Numpad 3 - Superdamage
Numpad 4 - Superarmor
Numpad 5 - Infinite Ammo
Numpad 6  -No recharge
Numpad 7 - Drop rare items
Numpad 8 - Set the speed of the game
By clicking on the Editor tab, you can set various parameters.
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