Roblox - Blox Fruits hack

Roblox - Blox Fruits hack

Blox Fruits is a mode in Roblox in which the player can upgrade their character by playing for two factions in the game. To become a master swordsman, the player will have to deal with the destruction of mobs on the game map, but also in the game there are bosses, for the passage of which the player will be able to receive a generous reward in the game.

At the moment, the maximum LVL in the game is 1350 level. Getting to such a mark is not easy, but with cheats on blox fruits can greatly facilitate this task due to the useful functions built in inside the cheat.

Cheat functions:
In the cheat on blox fruits, you can find such useful functions for the place as:
  • Auto Farm - a script for automatic farming of NPCs in the game. You can farm both animals in the game and in-game NPCs. It is advisable to choose mobs that are weaker than the player on the level.
  • Collect Chest - automatically collect rewards from chests on the map.
  • InfStamina - infinite endurance.
  • AntiAFK - after activation, you will no longer be kicked from the server if you leave the keyboard for a long time.
  • FruitSniper.
The cheat does not contain viruses, and any injector is suitable for its activation, both the paid "synapse x" and the free LVL 7 Proxo injector for Roblox.

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  1. typoOffline26 April 2022 13:22
    Where do I download?
  2. i love hacksOffline25 October 2021 15:36
    is it a scam?

  3. AbbruOffline22 October 2021 20:07
    what is the password?

    1. VancedOffline22 October 2021 21:14
  4. lsxqoQKDOQDKOffline22 October 2021 18:19
    comment sa marche???

  5. the tusOffline12 October 2021 16:14
    i can't download it
  6. venom_508Offline9 October 2021 23:33
    Quote: Maga_RaroVemEmMim
    Senha ea Qual?

    e 123

  7. Maga_RaroVemEmMimOffline1 October 2021 19:33
    Senha ea Qual?

  8. avestruz que te seduzOffline17 July 2021 08:09
    o colocar no jogo
    1. venom_508Offline9 October 2021 23:24
      como coloca no jogo

  9. sengkawn maranOffline3 May 2021 03:26
    how to use it
    1. VancedOffline4 May 2021 09:12
      Use executor 
      1. matthewwilliamsOffline16 May 2021 23:56
        were to get the key

      2. charmander56783Offline18 May 2021 04:26
        how do i use it 

        1. VancedOffline18 May 2021 18:39

  10. teban0010Offline23 April 2021 00:04
    commenter actif le tricheur?

  11. johnkim1999Offline21 April 2021 16:09
    thx for cheat