Roblox - cheat for Prison Life

Roblox - cheat for Prison Life

Prison Life — a great mode for Roblox, in which the user is invited to go to prison. There you will need to arrange a complete anarchy and make an escape, destroying every guard who meets on the way. To do this, you can use weapons and team interaction with your cellmates. Many locations and features are the business cards of this mode. In addition, it is always worth remembering that the gameplay can be simplified, you can download the cheat for prison life.

Features of the  Prison Life hack:
Like similar programs, it gives the user an advantage due to the presence of some functions:
  • Aimbot-  automatic shooting at enemies;
  • Speed - increases the movement speed to the maximum possible speed.
  • Guns - gives out any weapon with a full cartridge reserve.
  • Fast Respawn - instant resurrection after death.
  • Invisible - activates invisibility for both cellmates and guards.
  • Prison - automatic teleportation to the prison.
  • Taser Bypass - uses a stun gun on players.
  • Kill/Taze All - kills or makes everyone on the server tremble.
  • Remove All - removes all players from the map.
  • Remove Walls - makes the walls completely transparent to the player.
All of these features and can be used by the user to destroy all enemies in this mode for Roblox.

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  1. Dawn NallOffline6 September 2021 06:19
    Im so cunfused bc idk if anything works pls fix it or im reporting everything