Roblox exploit - NitroInjector

Roblox exploit - NitroInjector

NitroInjector is a high-quality exploit for the Roblox game. It is capable of executing several interesting scripts. It has integrated automatic updates (updated almost every day). This reduces the chance of a ban to a minimum. Supports up to 40/55 scripts, without crashing and crashing the game client.

In addition to injecting cheat scripts into Roblox, it is able to directly hack the movement speed and jump.
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Comments 11

  1. Remi7777Offline17 September 2022 15:44
    how to download

  2. hackyboiOffline1 October 2021 03:21
    bruh is there anything for MacBook 
    1. potatohacksOffline5 November 2021 06:19
      no mac is to protected 

  3. Eye see youOffline11 September 2021 02:49
    it wont let me download it
  4. rytuiyicghjghOffline28 August 2021 08:47
    free hackers pls

  5. shane jarrellOffline25 August 2021 09:12
    all it is is show ing up in not pad

  6. Pabltoing333Offline15 August 2021 02:29
    nice injector

    por cierto es un problema de esta mrd de injector

  7. awadeowo4kOffline11 August 2021 01:28
    No se si solo a mi me pasa pero no me descarga la aplicación, me descarga las extensiones pero no la app, como digo no se si es mi pc o algún problema con WinRAR.
  8. EdyEZeuOffline28 June 2021 12:34

    1. VancedOffline28 June 2021 14:09
  9. kademo13Offline20 May 2021 20:17
    how do i use once i have downloaded this and a hack?