Electron - lvl 7 Executor for Roblox

Electron - lvl 7 Executor for Roblox

Excellent, and most importantly free cheat Electron lvl 7 executor for Roblox. This cheat will allow you to inject lvl7 scripts (for synapse x). This cheat is better than Synapse X even by design, so download and try this cheat, as it is a great replacement for Synapse X. As you can see in the screenshot, Electron has a great and nice GUI interface, which is very simple and intuitive. The cheat is fully working on all Roblox modes.

Start-up instructions:
  1. Start the Roblox game
  2. Turn off the antivirus and download the cheat from our website
  3. Run the cheat and go through the key step of the process.
  4. After receiving the key, insert it in the key field and click "Continue".
  5. It will offer you the scope of the script execution, so you will need the script to use the hack.
  6. After you have selected your desired script from our site, paste it into the execution field.
  7. Now click the "Run" button! The script should work for the specific game you are trying to hack.
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Comments 17

  1. imewhoareyouOffline31 July 2023 21:33
    Quote: unrestrictedbrandon1125
    why is there a bitcoin mining virus on here?

    the most unexpected thing ive seen all day
  2. unrestrictedbrandon1125Offline12 March 2022 01:16
    why is there a bitcoin mining virus on here?

  3. insertbottomtexthereOffline14 November 2021 16:06
    when da drip is respectable but da injector doesn't work
  4. Vinh11122Offline12 October 2021 09:20
    ElectronUI has stopped working
    Windows can check online for a solution to the problem
    - close the program

    why?how to fix this
  5. micky1232Offline30 September 2021 20:21
    i cant join the discord my dc is mickmcf1#8176

    i cant join the discord my discord is mickmcf1#8176

  6. Pabltoing333Offline15 August 2021 02:26
    nice injector

  7. red_chickenOffline3 July 2021 05:21
    Detected as Malware Gen. not cool Bruh
  8. ZER0GAMESOffline27 April 2021 20:29
    This is a virus i put it in virus total its a trojan! 


    1. VancedOffline28 April 2021 21:46
      Sometimes viruses are needed for cheats to work.
      1. KrexyCraftYTOffline17 May 2021 05:59
        chiede la pasword per il file 
        1. VancedOffline17 May 2021 19:00
          WINRAR PASSWORD: 123
  9. MustafaOffline20 April 2021 19:59
    where is the injector?
  10. cesarOffline16 April 2021 18:12
    tengo una pregunta cada electrón que tengo me aparece el logo y se desaparece y no lo puedo recuperar 
    1. cesarOffline16 April 2021 18:15
      sale error no se encontró el archivo ayuda porfavor
      1. cesarOffline16 April 2021 18:16
        Comprobando actualización ... ¡Espere!
        ¡Actualizacion encontrada!
        Descargando ... 100% completo
        ¡Descarga terminada ! Espere ... ¡
        Terminado de extraer! Cerrando en 3 segundos ..
        Error> El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado
           en System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx (ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
           en System.Diagnostics.Process.Start ()
           en System.Diagnostics.Process.Start (ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
           es JITStarter.Program.Wc_DownloadFileCompleted (Remitente de objeto, AsyncCompletedEventArgs e)
  11. cesarOffline16 April 2021 18:05
    Como saco La Clave

    1. cesarOffline16 April 2021 18:08
      ayuda porfavor

      ayuda porfavor