Funky Friday hack - Roblox

Funky Friday hack - Roblox

Funky Friday is a dance game. In it, the user will have to repeat the movements that are indicated on the screen when selecting a composition. The more often it hits, the more points are given and vice versa. The main task, so there is no such thing. All you need to do is get under the movements shown on the screen and earn points. You can compete on the results with other players and become the best in this universe! This is the only incentive that will motivate players to open this mode again and again. Funky Friday hack will help you simplify the tasks you set.

Cheat functions:
To beat your opponents and not leave them a chance in the dance battle, you need to use the cheat for Funky Friday. It, at its core, has only two functions. They look like this:
  • Autoplay is the main function that replaces the user's movements and performs them automatically. It is simply impossible to lose when using this option.
  • Legit Mode is again an option that starts playing instead of the user. It differs from the first one only in that it adapts to the "legal regime". That is, sometimes the program will purposefully make mistakes.

There are no other functions. However, these two are enough to get a significant advantage over the nearest rivals in the dance competition. This way you will be able to win a leading position in the overall rating. This is what the program is designed for.

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Comments 15

  1. just123abss222Offline14 June 2021 05:01
    nice i love it it makes me look better
  2. Xavi_PLOffline13 June 2021 12:00
    you didnt say whats the password so the cheats are usless bec you cant use them without the "password"
    1. VancedOffline13 June 2021 13:24
  3. Mr Ink SansOffline8 June 2021 04:38
    t dosen't work for me

  4. jacobsuppOffline5 June 2021 16:36
    Whats the password?

    1. VancedOffline13 June 2021 13:24
  5. Chris26Offline30 May 2021 06:38
    how do i get it to work?
  6. tsavoriteOffline13 May 2021 15:31
  7. jodastOffline10 May 2021 23:44
    Como ver*a  puedo usar el script :c
  8. g123Offline7 May 2021 07:34
    how it workdont work
  9. mr_gloton5325Offline3 May 2021 05:11
    What key ...
  10. among susOffline29 April 2021 13:20
    Does it work for Zeus?

  11. tordOffline25 April 2021 04:38
    whats the password for it?

    1. VancedOffline26 April 2021 21:32
  12. ilike traihnsOffline19 April 2021 08:44
    how do i use the mod?