Roblox - Saber simulator cheat

Roblox - Saber simulator cheat

Saber Simulator is a mode that was created for Roblox. This is a game in which you need to improve your own saber and character in order to defeat the enemies. You can get gold by hitting the ground. There is even its own table of records. Getting gold and crowns, you can open cases with more improved weapons. There are also pets that will help the user to get gold and things a couple of times faster. There are both rare and ordinary pets. It depends on what benefits they will bring to the game.

Cheat functions:
The Saber Simulator cheat includes special scripts that give the user an advantage over the enemy. This script has the following options:
Auto - set of functions that will help you perform monotonous actions in an automatic format. For example, the character himself will collect power, sell the received resources.
Ignore - functions that disable some effects in the mode.
Egg - options that help you automatically buy eggs and open them.

This script does monotonous actions on its own. The user can only enjoy the gameplay, so this script should definitely be used.

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  1. mkwdOffline11 November 2021 09:36
    ok but, how do i use it

    1. VancedOffline11 November 2021 10:48
  2. Fluffi BananiOffline24 October 2021 10:32
    realy nice that you doing that but i dont know how do i used that