Roblox - Ninja Legends hack

Roblox - Ninja Legends hack

Ninja Legends is a mode that was created specifically for Roblox. In it, the user needs to become a real titan. Collecting resources scattered all over the map, you need to sell them and turn them into gold. It can be spent on the purchase of improved weapons, pets, and appearance. You can also kill creatures for extra money. The main goal of the game is to become the strongest titan on the server, to do this faster, we offer to download the cheat for Ninja Legends. Different planets are available here, and the user's income increases with each new location. This game is created in the "sandbox" format.

Cheat functions:
There is a script for this game. It will help the user gain an advantage over their opponents and improve the gameplay. The Ninja Legends cheat has the following options:
  • Max Jump — allows you to jump up to the maximum distance.
  • Fast Swing — maximum swing of the saber.
  • Unlock All Island — unlocks all islands.
  • Infinite Shuriken and Invisible — makes the supply of shuriken and invisibility always full.
  • Auto Sell — automatic sale of resources.
  • TP To King — moves the player to the mountain.
  • Auto Swing — automatic sword strikes.
Thanks to this script, you can become a king on the entire server. It is enough to enable the specified functions and get the specified benefits. With this script, playing Ninja Legends will be much more enjoyable than without it.

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  1. enthoner562Offline12 May 2021 20:41
    is the scam!
  2. EASPORTSOffline7 May 2021 08:50
    It wont work ;-;