Roblox - Murder Mystery 2 Cheat

Roblox - Murder Mystery 2 Cheat

Dear visitors, on our website you can download a cheat for Murder Mystery 2. Murder Mystery 2 is a game created for Roblox. In this game, at the very beginning, users are divided into three roles: sheriff, innocent and killer. The sheriff must unravel who is the killer on the map, protecting the civilians. If the killer destroys all the civilians, then he will win. If the sheriff solves the mystery, the innocent people win. At the same time, ordinary people should stay as far away from other players as possible, otherwise they risk dying. Each match takes place at a specific location and for a specified amount of time you need to complete the task, depending on the role you have received.

Cheat functions:
There is a script for this game mode. It gives one user an advantage over the enemies. In general, it has the following functions:
  • ESP - displays your opponents through the walls.
  • Noclip - unlimited flight on the map.
  • TP - teleport.
  • Unlimited Coins - gives you an infinite supply of gold, which you can spend wherever you want.
  • Role - enables the display of who is actually "bad" and who is "good".

That is, the script for Murder Mystery 2 will help the user to constantly win. It facilitates the gameplay and helps you win, regardless of what role he gets.

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    gente o meu dis nao Q e seguro

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    i cant get my antivirus to fuck off
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        how do i use it
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    is not working for me
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    is this safe i have mcAfee and it says it isent safe
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      i also have mcAfee, and im mid download and i can almost say that its hust ur pc cuz im not getting it
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