Roblox - Counter Blox hack

Roblox - Counter Blox hack

Dear visitors, you can download the cheat on Counter Blox on our website. Counter Blox is a mode created for playing Roblox. It is a full-fledged analogue of Counter Strike Global Offensive, only transferred to the Roblox universe. In this game, as in the original, you need to buy weapons every round and win the match. This is done by installing a bomb, or clearing it. It all depends on which team the user is playing for. It even retains the original maps from CS:GO: de_dust2, de_mirage, de_train, and many others. There are a lot of game modes where the user will be able to test their endurance at 100%.

Cheat functions:
Many users enjoy using the cheat on Counter Blox. It is a utility that gives you an advantage over your opponents. This cheat has the following options:
  • ESP - a feature that shows the outlines of enemies through walls.
  • Aimbot / Silent Aim - a function that helps you aim at your counterpart.
  • Third Person - activates the third-person view.
  • Bhop - the ability to jump without restrictions.
  • Tracers - includes the trajectory of the bullets of the enemies and the player himself.

That is, this script helps you enjoy the gameplay and dominate the enemy team. It greatly simplifies each match and helps you enjoy it completely.

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  1. trdt6546Offline5 November 2021 03:35
    where do i put it in extreme injector by master131 it not a dll mate!
  2. Shadow_Midas55Offline24 August 2021 18:47
    whats the passcode?

    1. VancedOffline24 August 2021 20:14