Roblox script for Super Power Training Simulator

Roblox script for Super Power Training Simulator

Super Power Training Simulator — a simulator of strength training, where the user will regularly improve the available abilities of the hero. To do this, he needs to improve both speed and strength, as well as agility. You will need to travel to a variety of locations and even sometimes fight. The map where the main action takes place is huge, so everyone can find the most suitable activity for themselves. To simplify the interaction with the mode, you should use the script on Super Power Training Simulator.

Script functions:
The script for Super Power Training Simulator is needed to make the game as simple as possible. The desired effect is achieved using the following list of functions:
  • Training - a set of useful options that can do automatic character improvement. It is possible to choose what he will choose specifically.
  • Auto Upgrades - automatically improve existing abilities or skills.
  • Claim Quests - instantly complete any tasks that are found here. There is a reward for this.
  • UI Settings - helps you customize the interface and edit it for a more convenient, from an individual point of view, use.
  • Credits - the last line in the utility menu, which will help you find out who created it.
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